Thursday, August 23, 2012
Picked up my tablet again after a few months... I actually wasn't sure if I could even draw anymore at first but then it came back..

I found my art on a bara site (not the one above obv) the other day and IT MADE ME SO HAPPY LOL. Seeing my picture next to huge bubble muscles and hairy butts, I was like does this mean I can draw manly men!! I'm still so happy about it, I'm so proud about this I could put it on my resume in my special skills like: MY DRAWINGS ARE BARALICIOUS 

I feel like I've come so far from the girl who was so bad at drawing guys the only way she could draw BL is if she genderbent the characters*. Now I'm finally a woman who can draw ugly and disfigured men ^_^
*lol no joke
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hi there... not much up with me. I started drawing again after months of nothing... well actually I was doing a shit load of crafts instead.... I really want to have a table @ Sakuracon next year (and an Etsy store eventually), but I think I'll do like 70% crafts and then some art. I really love crafts because there is so many different venues to master! It's like an ADD's dream lol.

I'm also trying to make like a huge library of my art on tumblr (for myself, I've always wanted to do something like that), I'll maybe post a link up to that eventually after I've uploaded everything.

Past the jump there is a pathetic amount of art, and some pathetic fangirl rambling, basically click if you want to see me be pathetic lol


Tuesday, March 13, 2012
I dropped by to show you guys a little thing I worked on. My friend asked me to illustrate her children's poetry book project for her class: the prompt was to take an old fairy tale (she picked Sleeping Beauty, yep... actually speaking of which, that one sleeping beauty pic I drew was actually a gift for her.) and make it relevant to children currently living in Seattle.

Since the pages are in print form the text isn't in order (the illusts are though,) I'll summarize the general story:
Girl walks around dwntwn seattle and graffitis a Starbucks cup and angers the Starbucks mermaid queen (lol), the mermaid curses her. She doesn't pay mind and hangs out with her friend, they play hide and seek, and she hides in an old water tower, pricks her finger on magical roses and falls asleep, boy finds her and kisses her. Happily ever after.

In the story she visits some Seattle locations, Pike Place Market, The First Starbucks (which serves cups with the original logo, which I had to censor lolol), Volunteer Park and the old water tower in it.

These seriously aren't my best work, but I'm actually pretty proud of myself anyway b/c my friend kind of pounced on me and gave me 2 days to start and finish all of these orz!! I also had to format all the pages and put the files together... yeah.... If I had more time I think I would have picked a color scheme and a more stylistic way to draw it all in. But yeah that's basically why everything looks pretty rough.


Monday, January 23, 2012

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Friday, January 13, 2012

yeah haven't spent a lot of time drawing but over some time i've accumulated some craft stuff  i've done this and last year. i'm not really good at this kind of thing (i'm especially bad at anything involving thread)... mostly i just wind up gluing stuff together. 

i have drawn some stuff! but i'll save it for a later post...

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